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“Skyline” Solar Water Heating for Residential and Commercial Applications
We literally turned solar water heating on its side in 1990, with the first of four patents. Rather than the bulky, heavy 4’ by 10’ panels weighing up to 160-pounds that our competition uses, our 20” by 12’ panel weighs just 38-pounds, and our 20” by 6’ panel weighs just 19-pounds. And rather than sticking twelve feet into the air, the Skyline panel lays on its side following the contour or your roof. Our lightweight design spans more roof joists, which creates less weight impact on your roof.

We manufacture our flagship Skyline product locally in Carmichael, CA. This patented product is the only solar water heater offered in 26 attractive architectural colors. Solar Water Heating provides the most value for your money with 3 to 4 times the energy output of solar electric PV per square foot! Solar PV and Solar Water Heating are a great combination!

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• Low cost factory direct installations in the Sacramento Region
• 100% “Run by the Sun” solar hot water systems
• Attractive “Skyline” Collector with 26 trim colors
• High performance, SRCC Rated systems
• Commercial Installations with large CSI rebates for PG&E Gas Customers
• Solar systems backed by a strong 20-year warranty from a local manufacturer.

Skyline Solar Hot Water Systems Qualify for the:

~ 30% Federal Tax Credit
~SMUD $1,500 Electric Water Heater Rebate
~$2,200 – 2,700 PG & E Gas Rebate
~$0.14-cents per kilowatt-hour saved Commercial rebate from SMUD
~$20.19 per Therm rebate for PG&E Commercial customers can pay 50% of the project cost.

ACR Solar is an A Better Business Bureau Rated Company

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